Moving out of State is always a massive step. Where you live has a big impact on THE COST OF YOUR OUT OF STATE MOVE. Though most people look forward to the experience of Cross Country Move, we don’t know anyone who can truthfully say they enjoy the process of interstate move. Filled with endless details that have to be taken care of, a great deal of effort has to be put into readying everything for the actual relocation.

Moving out of State is even more daunting as it makes things slightly more prolonged during the move. On top of that, life after the move will also change to a greater extent than it would if you were changing houses within the same city. Organizing your out of State move can make the process much simpler, allowing you to make this an enjoyable process. Follow some straightforward steps to have a less stressful move and save money in the process.

Change your Address and Utilities


Before you move to your new home, be sure to get in touch with the relevant companies who can switch your utilities over. This is something you may forget in the hassle at the end time, so be sure to note it down somewhere. Don’t tell the companies a day before the move as they may not be available which will lead to many problems for you once you reach your new house. Changing your postal address is also necessary.

Devise a Budget

Moving smartly can save you a great deal of money. You are already spending a significant amount on the new house, even if it is a rental. Planning how much you will spend during the move will restrict you and will force you to search for cheaper ways to get the job done.

Arrange Packing Supplies


Packing supplies such as specialized boxes, labels, and other necessities are widely available online and in shops. However, spending money on supplies which you can find free of cost or at reduced prices isn’t the smartest thing to do. The first thing that needs to be taken care of is boxes. Though you can order them from multiple companies, you can also find them at your local grocery, liquor, and furniture shops. Used boxes won’t be as sturdy as unused ones sometimes, so be careful when it comes to the actual packing. Other than that, instead of buying bubble wrap, you can just use items such as towels and blankets to wrap your fragile items in.

Survey the New House


One thing to do before you start packing is to have a thorough look at the new house. Measure the dimensions of each room and compare them with the furniture you’re bringing in as this will help you decide on how to arrange everything once you reach the new house. This will allow you to save time and effort because you will already be tired of packing up and travelling to the new place.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Things

Another thing to do before packing is to make a list of all the things you own and decide if some of them need to be disposed of or not. This sounds tedious, but trust us when we say this, it’ll be worse when you have to pack these things instead and take them with you to your new home, only to realize later that you don’t need them at all. Donate all unnecessary items to charity or hold a garage sale to make some money off them. Once this is done, you’ll be amazed at the number of things that were cluttering up your house that is now gone without any regrets.

Hire a Moving Company

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This is another step which needs to be handled with careful consideration. Firstly, don’t decide on a company without surveying all the choices you have. Ask several companies to give you a quote, assess the services they’re offering, and decide on those which you will need. Also, don’t forget to find out what the company’s insurance covers as this will tell you if there are chances of you losing money or saving money. On top of that, make sure the mover that you opt for is licensed, reliable, and well-renowned for providing ease and convenience during the move. Taking all these factors into account will help you choose a company that matches your specific needs.

Pack Smartly

When you begin the process of packing, ask for help. Tell your friends and family to come over and help you get everything done. Pack your fragile items carefully, with the correct amount of protection. Don’t overburden your boxes and label them accordingly. Pack your basic necessities in the end because you will need them until the very last moment; if you pack them beforehand, you will just have to go out and buy them again. Also, keep these essentials somewhere they are as easily accessible as they will be the first things you need in the new house.

Find a Friend in the New State

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The last thing you should try to do, in preparation for your move, is to find someone you know close to where you’re moving. This might seem unimportant, but having someone to guide you in a new place can be extremely helpful and can save you from the frustration of stumbling around, trying to figure everything out on your own.

Moving is never an easy task, but there are small steps you can take in making it a little less hectic for yourself. Follow these tips and experience convenience and peace of mind so you can enjoy the beginning of this new phase of your life!

Shifting to a new place of residence is a life-changing event. Every home that you have lived in has a multitude of memories attached to it. Whether it is your childhood adventures or your first child’s birth, every home has uncountable stories hidden away in every nook and cranny. When the decision to move is finalized, no matter how amazing the new house is or how important the shift is to your life, most people find that the actual relocation challenges them emotionally, mentally, and physically.

The list of things which need to be managed throughout the relocation is endless which can ultimately lead to you having a horrible experience during an already tough time. You might leave something behind, get ripped off by the transporters and the list of potential problems continue. Due to this, most people have started investing in professional movers who can manage this whole process without them having to face any unnecessary hassle. However, as the need for professional movers rises, new companies have started popping up every day. Choosing the right company for you isn’t easy and an informed decision should be made after carrying out the necessary research and asking yourself the following questions.

1. Are They Registered?

Registered Movers
The first thing you should do, before choosing a firm to provide you with their services, is to find out if they are licensed or not. Proceeding without the correct documentation may not get you in trouble every time, but why leave anything to chance? Make sure that the company you have picked has the required license; only then should you go ahead with any further dealings.

2. How Long Have They Been Working For?

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Again, this factor applies to any service you might be availing. You should always try to give preference to a professional mover with experience over one who has entered the market only recently. Owing to an experienced company having handled thousands of relocations over the years, they are well-aware of the ropes and will ensure greater customer satisfaction.

3. How Are Their Reviews?

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In this modern era, you can find a review for almost anything, be it a restaurant or a clothing line. Before choosing a mover, look at the company’s reviews. If their clients are satisfied, there are higher chances of you having a pleasant experience as well.

4. How Much Do Their Services Cost?

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Moving to a new place isn’t a cheap process, something you are probably well-aware of if this isn’t your first time moving. If the relocation takes up a major chunk of your finances, it will leave you dissatisfied, which will lead to your start in the new home becoming a sour one. When you’re searching for a team to handle your move, take quotations from more than one company. Match them with the services you require and choose the best one according to your budget.

5. How Long Will They Take?

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When you’re moving, time is of the essence. If the relocation is a long-drawn-out process, chances are you will get frustrated, which will result in even more problems for you. Once your chosen mover has assessed your requirements, be sure to decide on a fixed time period in which the team will complete the job.

6. What Other Services Do They Offer?

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You must also take a thorough look at what exactly the movers will be doing for you. Will they just transport all your items or will they provide you with additional services? Companies who are giving you packing and unpacking services, transportation services, and storage services among others, and are also within your budget, should obviously be the ones you opt for, based on your needs.

7. Do They Provide Storage Facilities?

Moving Storage

Another problem which people often face is where to keep their belongings before and during the move. Good-quality companies have got their clients covered in that they provide handy and economical storage containers or other solutions to this problem, allowing for safe storage of all your precious belongings.

8. Are They Insured?

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Something which might slip your mind when looking for a team to help you relocate is insurance. Investing in a company which is insured is vital because if any damage occurs to your belongings during the move, you are sure to be compensated easily.

9. What is the Staff Like?

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Looking into all the aforementioned aspects can be done through a company’s website or by calling them, but before you make a final decision, try to meet the staff you will be in direct contact with. Having to deal with unfriendly or non-compliant members of your moving team will make the process all the more difficult.

Be sure to answer these questions in order to find a high-quality company for your relocation and ensure a smooth and hassle-free move.

Once you decide to relocate your home or office, many important things need to be considered. One of these elements is moving all of your precious belongings. Due to our busy schedules, we often tend to forget things, miss steps, and make things harder for ourselves. So first of all, you need to sit down, relax, and take a deep breath. Then, start planning the move.

Pen down all the requirements and stages that you can come up with for the move. The next step is to hire a moving company. This is perhaps the most important step in the entire relocation process because a good mover can make your move splendid while getting stuck with a bad one will make you regret your decision every step of the way. Your decision should be based on various factors, such as the services offered by the mover, the costs, the reviews of the company, and much more. In this blog post, we discuss some important considerations you must take into account when deciding the specifics of your relocation and how movers can assist you during the process. With this small guide to moving, you are good to pack up and go!

Understand the Moving Process

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Many of you are already familiar with the relocation process, but some may not have any idea what it entails. There are many different kinds of moves, depending on your reason for moving, the distance, and all the steps that the process involves. Each type has different obligations and requirements that cannot be overlooked. Until you are clear about all the ins and outs of your particular kind of relocation, you will not be able to enjoy a smooth ride. All you need is Google and the determination to learn all the tips and tricks of moving. And of course, you need to choose a moving service based on all that information.

Choose a Company that Promises to Manage Time Effectively

We all know that time management is the key to smooth sailings. If a moving company promises you something with a deadline that doesn’t sound real, be cautious. Additionally, ensure that your written contract has a timeline that fits into your schedule. Make sure you and the movers are on the same page about the delivery status, time, and date before you sign the contract; this will save you a lot of trouble and unexpected surprises at the actual time of the relocation.

Let Professionals Pack Up Your Stuff

Before you sign a contract, read the terms and conditions very carefully. Make sure that you’re well aware of everything written in the contract. Verbal promises may not be kept if they’re not mentioned in writing. When it comes to packing services, top-notch movers will always deliver what they commit, without any hidden charges. They’ll also give you details about the boxes and packing equipment that will be used during the relocation procedure. Further, transporting your fragile belongings with responsibility will be their top priority so you don’t have to worry about damages.

Prepare Well for Long-Distance Moves

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Moving is always tiresome, but a long-distance relocation can drain you of all energy. When moving long distance, make sure your place at the destination is already prepared and ready to receive you. Additionally, your moving company should be well-aware of the distance and location – top-notch movers will always discuss mileage, arrival time, ways to ensure safe delivery of your belongings, and other important things with their clients. They also ensure that your stuff is fully protected, and correctly loaded, and keep the weather conditions in mind to avoid any arrival delays or emergencies, among many other things.

Indulge in Open Discussion Regarding the Process

The moving company that you choose to aid you in your relocation should discuss each and every aspect of your relocation with you. They will openly discuss with you their charges, all the services they provide, any add-ons, any potential extra charges, the safety of your items, insurance, the timeline, and all other aspects that are essential for you to know about. This will allow you to be on the same page as them and trust them entirely. Many companies discuss all the final important stuff one or two weeks prior to the move.

Consider Only the Best for Commercial Moves

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Although every type of move is to be planned and carried out meticulously, a commercial relocation is a little tougher. With the transportation of fragile appliances and important documents, the risks are high. Top-notch movers always create a list of all your fragile appliances, networking gadgets, and documents and transport them with utmost responsibility and security to make the move a smooth ride for you. Also making sure that the process is completed in the promised time, they will ensure that you face no delays in the resumption of your business operations.

Remember the Things that Many Forget

Although this moving guide covers some basic considerations when it comes to your relocation, there are many things that are not included in your contract with the mover. For example, stay calm when you’re planning your big move; always make a list of things you’ll need at your new place; visit your new house, apartment or office to understand how the moving procedure will unfold; have some extra cash handy; and most importantly, enjoy the ride, because the transition to a new chapter of your life will be exciting as anything.

Moving house is often a very difficult task, considering the hassle associated with it. While you can hire professional services to take the other burdens off your shoulders, it still turns out to very costly. This is why it is of prime importance that you are familiar with the tips and tricks that can help a great deal in cutting the cost and making the entire process of moving more affordable for you. We have taken the liberty of articulating 11 such tips in this blog post, which will come in handy if you are planning to move house in the near future.

1. Devise a Plan

Making Your Long Distance Move Stress Free

The first thing that you need to do is to have a pre-determined plan for moving. You should be familiar with the resources and budget that you have at your disposal and how much you would be willing to spend on each of the elements of moving. Having a thorough plan can help a great deal in cutting the cost and making it more convenient for you to move.

2. Choose the Time Wisely

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More often than not, people have the liberty of choosing the time of the move. It is always recommended to plan ahead and book a professional moving service well within time to save you a bit of money, as well as trouble at the end moment. Hiring on short notice will always cost you more.

3. Search for Options

Search for Options

There is no argument that, like anything else, the finest way to make it cheaper for yourself to move house is to look for all the available options. Carry out an extensive search of the professional services available in your area, their pros and cons, and the relative prices. The one that serves your purpose at the least possible cost is going to be your best bet.

4. Take What You Need

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There is perhaps nothing that will save you more money while moving house than this tip. Make sure that you are only taking the things that you need and will be using in the future. It is a commendable idea to get rid of anything that is expendable or not required in the future, at least for a long period of time.

5. Make Money Simultaneously

Make Money Simultaneously

When it comes to getting rid of the stuff that you won’t need at your new place, there is nothing more beneficial than selling it for whatever money you can get. This will make you a bit of additional money that you can then spend on the relocation.

6. Don’t Spend a Lot on Boxes

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It is a given that you are going to need a lot of cardboard boxes while moving stuff to your new place. The good news is that you don’t have to purchase all of them. It is a commendable idea to ask your friends to lend you a few boxes or get them from the local store or business for minimal or no charges at all.

7. Use Your Own Packing Material

Own Packing Material

All houses have baskets, trash cans, buckets, drawers, bags, suitcases, etc., which can conveniently be used to pack stuff while moving house. By making sure that all such items are being put to use, you can take the cost of requesting the professional movers to provide you with expensive packing material out of the equation.

8. Do as Much as You Can by Yourself

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It should go without saying that the more you ask the professional services to do while moving, the more they are going to charge you. It is understandable that a bunch of stuff is beyond your capacity and you cannot handle it by yourself; however, whatever you can do by yourself, it is recommended you do it. This will make moving significantly cheaper for you.

9. Can Your Company Help?

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If you are requested to relocate by the company that you work for, it is always a fine idea to ask the authorities if they are willing to pay a certain amount to help you with the move. More often than not, you are entitled to reimbursement of some percentage of the money that you spent while moving.

10. Camp Along the Way

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If you are moving to a new house that is on the other side of the country, it would be a fine decision to camp along the way instead of staying in a hotel. You can make a fun trip out of it and have an adventure, but be prepared for an extra day of travel.

Now that you are familiar with the top tips that make it cheaper for you to move house, all you have to do is implement as many of these as you can and save a huge amount of money in the process. While it may not make it convenient or reduce the hassle, it will certainly take the financial burden off your shoulders.