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Moving to or from Forest Grove OR

As a local Forest Grove OR moving company, Northwest Relocation provides excellent service to help your local move go smoothly. Build yourself a new home in this small historic college town.

With affordable prices and excellent services, Northwest Relocation & Storage lets you efficiently glide into a new place in Forest Grove OR. The city has a cozy population of 22,000, is just 30 minutes away from Portland, and offers events all through the year. The charming city is also home to a major university and outdoor historical points of interest. Northwest Relocation, your local Forest Grove OR moving company, will quickly have you set up and free to explore the unique allure of the community.

Life in Forest Grove OR

Since being settled in 1840, Agriculture has long been a cornerstone for Forest Grove OR, and the city enjoys and celebrates what the rich soil gives it. The Farmer’s Market takes place from May through October, and flows with fresh fruits, vegetables, and crafts from local vendors.

Forest Grove OR is proud to be one of Oregon’s most prolific wine cities, and is ideal for an Oregon Wine Country experience. Take a scenic drive around many local wineries, such as David Hill Vineyards or Tualatin Estate Vineyards. While you’re out sampling the wares, Northwest Relocation will transport your items to your new home.

Curious to learn more about this city? Check out the Forest Grove OR webpage.

Let Us Help You Move to Forest Grove OR

We like to make choosing Forest Grove OR moving company an easy decision. Our professionals at Northwest Relocation & Storage will take the edge off your move. Explore the city while we keep your items in their best condition and put you mentally at ease. We offer a variety of services at affordable prices to help you move into your new Forest Grove OR space.

Whether it’s a residential or office move, Northwest Relocation will be by your side from pick-up to delivery.