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Moving to or from Hillsboro OR

Northwest Relocation provides excellent service to help your local move go smoothly. Hillsboro OR provides public safety, transportation and planning that ensures a high quality of life for our more than 92,000 residents. From microprocessors to tulips, to arts and culture, to vital industries and education, to centers of commerce and green spaces – great things are growing in Hillsboro OR!

Make your move to Hillsboro OR easier with help from the professionals at Northwest Relocation & Storage. Hillsboro OR is a growing city of 95,000 people, just southwest of Portland, Oregon. Moving to this popular suburb offers a perfect opportunity for people looking to live a more serene life with the entertainment just a short drive away. We can make it easy for you, whether you’re moving from across the city, across the state, or across the country. With Northwest Relocation, you work with local movers who know and love the area.

Life in Hillsboro OR

Opportunities to work and play are abundant in Hillsboro OR. The city houses many big technological companies that have helped establish the city as part of the “Silicon Forest.” Construction and healthcare also make moving to Hillsboro OR a wise economical choice. You need to take some time for yourself though too.

Once settled into your home, it’ll be easy to partake in many of the city’s events and recreational activities. Have fun at the Shute Park Aquatic & Recreation Center. This center is open year-round and includes multiple pools, a dry sauna, and much more! Partake in a water or group fitness class, or enjoy a relaxing massage.

Hillsboro OR is also home to the Minor League Baseball team, the Hillsboro OR Hops. You’re free to watch a game while Northwest Relocation’s residential movers help you with boxes, packing and transportation.

If you’re interested in learning more about the city, visit the Hillsboro OR homepage.

Let Us Help You Move to Hillsboro OR

Moving to Hillsboro OR is a big decision. Our team of movers want you to feel comfortable and at ease, which is why we have a wide array of moving services to choose from. We offer packaging, storage, and prices that meet your needs.

Check out our simple hourly moving rates. We have no hidden fees and don’t charge for drive time within the Portland Metro area. In additional to a staff of professional movers our moving service rates include the cost of the truck, moving supplies, and tools for basic dissembling and reassembling of your furniture, and 5 wardrobe boxes for use during your move. Those are just some of the reasons we’re a 5 star rated Portland moving company!

The staff at Northwest Relocation & Storage, your local Hillsboro OR moving company, are part of the community. We know the importance of excellent communication and a job well done. Our Portland Metro area movers are licensed and experienced, and know what it takes to move you comfortably into your new home. When you’re happy, we’re happy!