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Moving to or from Lake Oswego OR

As a local Lake Oswego OR moving company, Northwest Relocation provides knowledgeable and excellent service to help your local move. With sightseeing, forest hiking, leisurely shopping, and many more unique attractions, Lake Oswego OR has something for everyone.

Lake Oswego OR has a certain allure, and the friendly staff with Northwest Relocation & Storage know how to keep that fire burning. We provide services for all needs to simplify the transport of your home or office. There’s a strong sense of community in this pleasant suburban city. Northwest Relocation, a Lake Oswego OR moving company, truly understands the nature of the city. So go with the professionals, and see what makes the city affluent and friendly. Our company consists of the best movers to guide you safely to the lake.

Life in Lake Oswego OR

Home to nearly 40,000 people, the lakeside city welcomes newcomers with a strong community action and programs so that moving to Lake Oswego OR is a happy experience. Get involved with neighborhood activities and city-wide groups after your move; there are book clubs, cooking courses, family oriented groups and much more that offer a way to be part of a new city. Let us haul your items into your new home while you scope out the parks and recreation department’s programs. There’s an activity available for all age ranges – from swimming in one of the two city pools, or joining sports teams or classes.

While the Art Council of Lake Oswego OR has created many events and programs, both in schools and throughout the community, to keep the arts a healthy entity within the city, the Lakewood Center for the Arts has also successfully established a stronghold of culture. The city will support your creative intuitions.

Local happenings in this quaint city include:

– A Farmer’s Market every Saturday from 8:30am-1:30pm. This lively event includes over 80 vendors and takes place from May through October.
– An abundance of trailways to stroll through on a beautiful Northwest day, including the Oswego Iron Heritage Trail.

Take a closer look at the city on the Lake Oswego OR homepage.

Let Us Help You Move to Lake Oswego OR

Northwest Relocation has warm and friendly professionals to help you travel long or short distances, such as into the tight-knit community in Mountain Park, or the cottage community in the historic First Addition area.

There’s a lot to experience when moving to Lake Oswego OR, but even local moves can get stressful. Northwest Relocation was designed to help people make a smooth transition into their new home. We provide services that accommodate all needs and all budgets, just give us a call! Our fast and affordable residential moving services give you a stress-free approach to transitioning into the city.

The friendly crew at Northwest Relocation & Storage are ready to move you where you need to go at your convenience. We love this city, and we want to make sure that you do too!