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As a local Milwaukie OR moving company, Northwest Relocation provides an excellent, and affordable service to help your local move go smoothly. Milwaukie OR provides a clean environment, good transportation, schools and health care, and many cultural opportunities.

If a small town life on the water appeals to you, moving to Milwaukie OR with Northwest Relocation & Storage will have you covered. Our movers are professional and act with the care you expect from a small community of 20,000. The professionals at Northwest Relocation, your local Milwaukie OR moving company, will pack and transport with gentle ease, perfectly fitting to the lifestyle in the “City of Dogwoods.”

Life in Milwaukie OR

Water lovers will love moving to Milwaukie OR. Just south of Portland, the city’s western border sits on the Willamette River. The city divides itself into neighborhood district associations to concentrate the cohesive nature of the area. Keeping the streets and parks safe make moving to Milwaukie OR an excellent choice for families. You’ll love that the city is home to the Portland Aquarium! Stop by this fun-filled facility to see marine animals including sharks, stingrays, and a giant octopus. You can event partake in a behind the scenes tour.

Moving to Milwaukie OR is about to get even nicer. The city is working on a plan to expand the Riverfront Park to add an events lawn, a children’s play area, as well as paths for walkers and bikers. This park is just one block away from the Milwaukie OR Farmer’s Market, another must-see attraction. This outdoor market takes place every Sunday from May through October. Shop your way through over 75 local vendors offering fresh produce, meats and cheeses, prepared foods, and handmade crafts. Do this while enjoying the market’s live music and entertainment.

Look through the Milwaukie OR homepage for more city information.

Let Us Help You Move to Milwaukie OR

Handing your items over to Northwest Relocation is the safest way to move into one of the seven neighborhoods Milwaukie OR has to offer. Any move, big or small, is handled professionally by our friendly staff.

Feel confident and secure when moving into your new home or office space. The movers at Northwest Relocation & Storage, your local Milwaukie OR moving company, are always licensed and experienced. Partnering with us for your moving needs ensures that your items are in the hands of professionals. We look forward to working with you!