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As a local Oregon City OR moving company. The city has three major zones, defined by steep hills or bluffs. Oregon City OR is home to shopping areas, recreational opportunities, businesses, a wide variety of historical and cultural attractions, and several Interpretive Centers and Museums dedicated to celebrating the Pioneer spirit

Once vying for the spot as the most important city in Oregon, Oregon City OR is a richly historical area that over 34,000 residents call home. A mix between the old and new rushes into your scope when moving to this bustling town. Whether you’re settling in the housing developments in the Southeast, or near Old Town in the Northwest, Northwest Relocation & Storage can navigate your items safely to your front door. Our staff knows the area well because we’re a team of movers who call Oregon City OR home. Let us find the way, while you see the sights.

Life in Oregon City OR

Oregon City OR was the cornerstone city of Oregon’s success in its early days in the mid 1800’s. The city was settled by the Hudson’s Bay Company. Oregon City OR boomed with its lumber and paper mill industries.

Get a more in depth look at the state’s history at the Museum of the Oregon Territory, which is open Wednesday through Saturday. You may also enjoy the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. This center offers an exciting glimpse into the history of Oregon, and is open all year with extended summer hours.

The more modern section of the city boasts Clackamas Community College, major stores, residential areas, and a cinema. Meet new people at one of the 22 parks, or get out on the water. Northwest Relocation can bring your water gear safely to your front door so that you can traverse the river – it’s navigable by boats both big and small. Keep your water fun calm in the community swimming pool or enjoy a slower day in the city’s public library.

Let Northwest Relocation, your local Oregon City OR moving company, safely transport your belongings while you enjoy the city’s Farmer’s Market. This market is open year-round, providing you with a constant assortment of locally grown produce.

See what’s going on in Oregon City OR on the city webpage!

Let Us Help You Move to Oregon City OR

With Oregon City OR nestled onto the Willamette River, it’s quite easy for Northwest Relocation to get where they need to go. Let us get you into the old part of town among the many cafes and shops for a bit of that quaint vibe that still exists.

Your comfort in Oregon City OR is important to us. The city provides good things when you’re there, and we’ll help you get to them. We know that with a population of nearly 35,000 community oriented people in the city, it only takes a little effort to make friends. Let our professionals help you settle into your new home with ease. When looking for a local Oregon City OR moving company, remember that you’ll have a stress-free transition when working with Northwest Relocation & Storage.