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Moving to or from Portland OR

As a local Portland OR moving company, Northwest Relocation provides excellent service to help your local move. A splendid location, relaxed respectability, and an urban lifestyle that is unsurpassed for its livability makes Portland OR a city to visit and remember.

Portland OR has been a hub of creativity for years, and the folks at Northwest Relocation & Storage know just how much people want to get in. The vibrant city brings a lot of life to the table from the offbeat to the high class. As Portland OR natives, we have strong roots in the city. We’re the Portland OR movers that provide a top-notch and cost-effective services to give you a fresh start in the “City of Roses,” “Beervana,” “Stumptown,” or whatever other nickname you choose to call it.

Starting its growth to prominence in the 1840’s, Portland OR began as a small logging town. The nature has been Portland OR’s best friend since. Our company will get you through the 175 parks with ease. We know our way among the five quadrants like the back of our hand. You’ll be surrounded by trees and greenery wherever you choose to set you up. The city has often received accolades for its strength in environmental causes; Portland OR has been named one of the ‘greenest’ cities in the world! At the Northwest Relocation, we’re proud of that, but there’s a lot to be proud of in this bustling city.

Life in Portland OR

People love Portland OR for its offbeat vibe, and with it’s name chosen by the flip of a coin, even it’s beginnings were a bit uncouth. Portland OR is famous for its beer, coffee and entertainment culture. The city actually rivals the big brew cities in Germany and Belgium for recognition; Portland OR has more breweries than any other city in the world. You’ll have plenty of places to check out while Northwest Relocation does all the hard work for you.

Enjoy an afternoon at the Portland OR Saturday Market while we safely transport your belongings. This is the city’s largest outdoor arts and crafts market. Walk through over 250 spaces filled with arts and crafts from local vendors. Take a break at the market’s main stage to listen to live music and enjoy a variety of ethnic foods. Portland OR Saturday Market is open rain or shine throughout most of the year.

The city really has it all from the offbeat to the big league – Portland OR is home to the Portland OR Trailblazers NBA team and the Timber’s professional soccer team. For the adventurous looking to pave their own path, moving to Portland OR provides ample opportunity. That’s why the friendly staff with Northwest Relocation is here at your service. As local Portland OR movers, we want to help you be part of the city to keep up to its amazing standards.

Learn more on the Portland OR city website.

Let Us Help You Move to Portland OR

If you’re in need of a Portland OR moving company, look no further than our professional staff at Northwest Relocation & Storage. We’re here to help you move into your new space in the city. Wether you need basic transportation services, or as full-service move that includes packaging, we’re here to help with a smile on our face.

Our staff of professional movers are licensed and come with plenty of experience. We take pride in giving you a sense of ease as we move your belongings into your new home. Check out our Portland OR mover rates. With our simple hourly pricing we have no hidden fees and don’t charge for drive time within the Portland OR Metro area! In additional to a staff of professional movers our moving service charge include the cost of the truck, moving supplies, and tools for basic dissembling and reassembling of your furniture, and 5 wardrobe boxes for use during your move. Those are just some of the reasons we’re a 5 star rated Portland OR moving company!