Moving with Pets

Moving with Pets

Some Helpful Moving Tips For Pet Owners

Moving to a new home, whether it’s across town or the country, can be quite an experience for every member of a family. It can be a stressful, but exciting time for the human members of the family. For pets, however, it can be downright traumatic. There are some solid moving tips pet owners can use to help them ensure the family cat, dog or even bird and goldfish make it to their new quarters safe, sound and happy.

Moving tips for pets will depend a lot on the distance of the move, the type of pet and the individual animal’s disposition, but in general, these things can really help:

Packing up a house having Dogs and Cats

When packing up a house that has dogs or cats, try to keep at least one item the pet loves out until the last minute to lend a sense of security. It can be very confusing for an animal to see all its familiar surroundings get packed up into boxes. The stress can make the move difficult not only on them, but you as well. So, whether it’s a pillow or a bed, keep it out since having at least one familiar item can help lend a sense of comfort. Remember to unpack these items first before introducing the critters to their new home, too.

Having small pets like fish and birds

Move pets yourself, if possible. If this is at all feasible, it’s much easier on dogs, cats and even birds and fish to have their owners do the transporting. Moving can be a very confusing time for animals and having you nearby can lessen the strain. Be certain to get appropriate sized carriers for the animals, too. No dog or cat likes to be crammed in a crate two sizes too small for a trip across town and especially not for one across country.

Moving the fish

Prepare fish by calling ahead. If you’re moving into a completely new area, it’s a good idea to know what kind of water you’ll have before moving fish. Some water companies treat with chlorine, others use chloramines. The differences can be treated in fishbowls, but not using the right treatment can kill fish, so make the call!

Check out veterinarians

Those moving out of town might want to get recommendations on new vets from their current one in advance. There’s nothing worse than moving and having to find a vet in an emergency.

Be patient while moving pets.

Have patience. Just like people, pets take time to get used to new settings. Be patient, loving and firm and Fido and Felix will feel right at home in no time.

Following a few smart moving tips for pet owners can help ease the transition and ensure everyone feels at home in their new surroundings. Just remember to be patient, as it will take some time for your dog, cat, fish or bird to feel comfortable in a new home.