How to move your car to your new home is the most important point that people often forget while planning their move to a new destination. Car is a precious possession for many people and they don’t want to take risks by giving the responsibility of their car to auto movers and shippers. However, driving your car through unknown locations and weather conditions to a new residence is a more risky thing to do than giving responsibility to movers and shippers.

Here we have compiled a list of best reasons why you should hire professional auto movers and shippers and not drive your car to your new home by yourself.


If you are planning to move to a new state or a new country, driving your car would take multiple days or if you are moving to a new country it would take weeks. So, if you have a busy work schedule or you have to resume your job as soon as possible, hiring Auto Movers Company is the best option.

Hiring auto movers would allow you to plan and book your car moving according to your schedule and requirements.

Auto Movers

More Convenient and Safe for you

Auto Moving Service is a more convenient and safer way to transport your vehicle to another state or country. You don’t have to worry about the driving and planning the route and stay overs for the night. Moreover, it is also safer for you and your family. Losing your way, running out of gas at a no network reception zone can be an overwhelming situation for you. Also, chances of accidents and health emergencies cannot be denied in a long-distance move.

Therefore, we suggest you hire auto movers for your safety and convenience.

Auto Movers

Auto Movers Are Cost-Effective

Hiring auto movers may seem expensive to you but driving cars to long away destinations have several expenses that you don’t estimate. You will have to pump the fuel and if you are planning to drive for more than one day, you will also have to book a motel for night stay. Also, driving long distances would need special maintenance, from buying new tires to repairs needed after long-distance driving of cars. So, hiring auto movers will cost you equal, if not less, to what you will expend in driving your car.

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Save Your Car from Depreciation

The value of your car depends largely on the number of miles it has been driven. Driving your car across the country to your new home would definitely add hundreds of miles to your odometer and resulting in depreciating the value of your car. Also, driving long distances would cause unnecessary wear and tear to your car and your engine might also get some defects during the drive. All this will decrease the value of your car and you might regret it in the future. So, save your car from depreciation and hire professional auto movers.

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Multiple Cars Can Be Moved

If you have a garage full of expensive sports cars and motorbikes or you simply have a car for every person in the house, moving them to a new home can be a headache for you. Don’t stress! We’ve got you covered. Auto movers are capable of moving more than one vehicle at a time and you might get a discount of moving more than one car.

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Door-To-Door Delivery

Dropping and picking your car at the auto movers can be a burden for you. We at, the best moving company in Portland, provide door to door service also. All you need to do is to provide the correct and exact addresses of your new and old home and leave the rest to us. We will pick up your car from your present home and deliver it at the door of your new home.

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Professional and Reliable Service

If you are possessive about your cars and cannot tolerate any damage to your car, hire auto movers. Auto moving companies hire individuals who are highly trained and possess years of experience in transporting cars from one place to another. Also, they perform extensive background checks before hiring anyone to ensure there is no theft and treachery involved in the transportation of your vehicles.

So, leave all worries and fears and hire auto mover service to ensure the safe and sound delivery of your vehicles.

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Save Your Car Insurance Cost

Car insurances usually depend upon the number of miles you are driving in a month. A road trip across the country would raise your insurance cost. Auto movers also provide car insurance for the shipping and the vehicles are inspected once they reach their destination. In case of any damage, auto movers are responsible for the repair and you will not have to pay a dime.

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Hope we have compiled enough reasons to change your opinion about auto movers and you will not hesitate to choose our services for your next move.

Moving house is often a very difficult task, considering the hassle associated with it. While you can hire professional services to take the other burdens off your shoulders, it still turns out to very costly. This is why it is of prime importance that you are familiar with the tips and tricks that can help a great deal in cutting the cost and making the entire process of moving more affordable for you. We have taken the liberty of articulating 11 such tips in this blog post, which will come in handy if you are planning to move house in the near future.

1. Devise a Plan

Making Your Long Distance Move Stress Free

The first thing that you need to do is to have a pre-determined plan for moving. You should be familiar with the resources and budget that you have at your disposal and how much you would be willing to spend on each of the elements of moving. Having a thorough plan can help a great deal in cutting the cost and making it more convenient for you to move.

2. Choose the Time Wisely

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More often than not, people have the liberty of choosing the time of the move. It is always recommended to plan ahead and book a professional moving service well within time to save you a bit of money, as well as trouble at the end moment. Hiring on short notice will always cost you more.

3. Search for Options

Search for Options

There is no argument that, like anything else, the finest way to make it cheaper for yourself to move house is to look for all the available options. Carry out an extensive search of the professional services available in your area, their pros and cons, and the relative prices. The one that serves your purpose at the least possible cost is going to be your best bet.

4. Take What You Need

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There is perhaps nothing that will save you more money while moving house than this tip. Make sure that you are only taking the things that you need and will be using in the future. It is a commendable idea to get rid of anything that is expendable or not required in the future, at least for a long period of time.

5. Make Money Simultaneously

Make Money Simultaneously

When it comes to getting rid of the stuff that you won’t need at your new place, there is nothing more beneficial than selling it for whatever money you can get. This will make you a bit of additional money that you can then spend on the relocation.

6. Don’t Spend a Lot on Boxes

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It is a given that you are going to need a lot of cardboard boxes while moving stuff to your new place. The good news is that you don’t have to purchase all of them. It is a commendable idea to ask your friends to lend you a few boxes or get them from the local store or business for minimal or no charges at all.

7. Use Your Own Packing Material

Own Packing Material

All houses have baskets, trash cans, buckets, drawers, bags, suitcases, etc., which can conveniently be used to pack stuff while moving house. By making sure that all such items are being put to use, you can take the cost of requesting the professional movers to provide you with expensive packing material out of the equation.

8. Do as Much as You Can by Yourself

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It should go without saying that the more you ask the professional services to do while moving, the more they are going to charge you. It is understandable that a bunch of stuff is beyond your capacity and you cannot handle it by yourself; however, whatever you can do by yourself, it is recommended you do it. This will make moving significantly cheaper for you.

9. Can Your Company Help?

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If you are requested to relocate by the company that you work for, it is always a fine idea to ask the authorities if they are willing to pay a certain amount to help you with the move. More often than not, you are entitled to reimbursement of some percentage of the money that you spent while moving.

10. Camp Along the Way

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If you are moving to a new house that is on the other side of the country, it would be a fine decision to camp along the way instead of staying in a hotel. You can make a fun trip out of it and have an adventure, but be prepared for an extra day of travel.

Now that you are familiar with the top tips that make it cheaper for you to move house, all you have to do is implement as many of these as you can and save a huge amount of money in the process. While it may not make it convenient or reduce the hassle, it will certainly take the financial burden off your shoulders.