Are you planning an interstate move and worried that you might forget an important step while planning your move? Don’t worry we are here to help you with your move. Here are 10 best moving tips to make your next interstate move stress-free and successful.

1. Plan An Exploratory Trip

Whether you are moving to a new state because of a new job or better educational institutes, it is always better to plan an exploratory trip to get familiar with the new city. From the best schools in town to the cheapest and safest neighborhood, you should know everything before the interstate move.

Or if you are moving to Portland, here is a blog 10 THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE MOVING TO PORTLAND that you should read before moving to Portland.

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2. Get Your Kids Admitted To School

If you are moving to a new state with school-going children, deciding on which school to get your kids admitted is a big decision. Ask your friends and acquaintances in the new town for recommendations or check school ratings online on

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3. Get Your Documents Transferred

When you move to a new state there is a lot of documentation that needs to be done beforehand. Make a list of all the documents that need to be transferred to your new home, like mailing address, car insurance, car registration address, and utilities. Don’t forget the utilities, as you don’t want to move into a house with no electric supply.

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4. Hire The Best Moving Company

Packing and moving is the most time consuming and hectic task to do before moving. We recommend you hire a reputable and trustworthy moving company for your interstate move because moving to a new state is already very stressful you don’t want to burden yourself with the stress of moving chores as well.

Ask your friends and family for recommendations or if you already have a list of trustable movers, it is better to double-check by checking the company’s reviews and ratings online. Also, read our blog on HOW TO FIND TRUSTWORTHY AND AFFORDABLE MOVERS for a complete guide.

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5. Plan On Shipping Or Driving Your Car

If you are planning to take your car to your new abode, shipping or driving your car is a big decision. You might think that driving your car is a cheaper option and would also allow you to have a family trip but believe us shipping your car is a better option. All the cost of fuel, night stays at the motel, and repairs would add up to your moving cost. Also, driving extra miles during the interstate move would depreciate the value of your car. Therefore, we recommend you should ship your car to the new state.

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6. Driver’s License

If you are planning to drive your car during your interstate move, it will not harm to get beforehand information about rules and regulations of driver’s license in your new town. Many states give you a specific time window to get your driver’s license registered. Visit your local Motor Vehicles Department’s office and get complete guidelines. Most probably you will need a valid driving license, Social Security Number, and proof of residency, and some identification form.

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7. Essentials Bag For The Interstate Move

Interstate move is a long journey and you don’t want to face difficulties on road. So, make a list of all the necessary items that you would need during your long-distance move, like diapers, snacks, first aid box, and GPS navigator is the most important item for the long drive. Pack these items separately and keep it handy during the drive.

Moving Day Essentials


8. Downsize Your Home Before The Interstate Move

Trust us! Interstate moving costs thousands of dollars and you don’t want to pay extra dollars for stuff that you don’t even use. So, start downsizing your home way before your moving day. Get rid of all the electronic items, clothes, books, furniture everything that you don’t use, and save the amount spent on packing and moving of those unwanted items. You can also earn some dollars by reselling these items.

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9. Moving day plan for babies and pets

Whether you are traveling by car or by plane moving day can be a traumatizing experience for babies and pets. So, plan ahead for babies and pets and if needed, hire a friendly babysitter to accompany them. Also, the interstate move would be a long journey so make them habitual of the car seats and carriers, and don’t forget to feed them properly because a hungry baby is a fussy baby.

Moving With Children


10. Triple check everything before leaving

Make a checklist of everything that needs to be done before your interstate move. From packing everything to keeping your air tickets handy, make a list of everything and check it before your final leave. You don’t want to travel back thousands of miles just to pick up the credit cards you forgot in your safety box.

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If you’ll ask people what is the most difficult job to do? Moving homes is the most common answer you will get. There is no doubt that moving is the most strenuous task and if you are planning to do it yourself, it will add up to the pressure. But don’t worry we can help you. Here is a list of 10 most useful moving hacks that will make your next relocation process smooth and stress-free.

1. Make Handles In Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are difficult to lift and if you have slippery hands you will most probably drop it and your belonging would be damaged. So, if you want to handle the boxes with care and keep your belongings safe, here is a moving hack for you. Take a knife or cutter and make a V-shaped cut on two opposite sides of the cardboard box and fold the flaps inward. Your handles are ready!

Storage Boxes


2. Filling Up Boxes With Clothes

It is important to fill packing boxes with paddings or fillers to keep everything safe and avoid breakage. If you are running short of fillers and paddings, use clothes or old newspapers to fill the boxes. It will stop the items in the box from colliding and prevent any breakage.  Just roughly stuff the box with crumpled paper or clothes, or if there are fragile items in the box, wrap them in thick clothes.

Moving Hacks


3. Take a Picture of Your TV’s Back

TVs are tricky electronic items. They have plenty of wiring and it is difficult for a common man to remember which wire goes in which port. So, try the easy hack of taking a picture of the back of your TV before unplugging, it will help you to re-plug TV and save your time which you will waste in figuring out the wiring.

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4. Color-Code Or Label Your Boxes

The bigger the house the more boxes you will have to pack and move. We suggest you color-code your boxes so that you don’t have to search every box to find the paper towel or lift and flip the boxes to check the label. Just assign a color to every room and paste colored tapes on boxes for easy identifying. You can also label the boxes with names assigned to each box to help recognize the right box for your kitchen or living room items while unpacking.

Label Boxes


5. Use Rolling Clothes Strategy

Clothes take up most of the space in packing. If you want to save space in your luggage or carton, use the rolling clothes technique. It will allow you to pack more clothes in less space. The first step is to lay the clothing piece flat. Then roll a 2-inch pocket on one end and roll the other end tightly to the pocket end and fold it. Here is a video guide of the rolling clothes technique for you.

Packing Tips


6. Moving Hack For Clothes

If you are planning to move as early as possible packing clothes with the rolling technique will waste a lot of your precious time. Here is one of the most useful moving hacks that will save you precious time and packing clothes would be a breeze for you. You just need a garbage bag. Make batches of your clothes and put a garbage bag over the clothes while they are hanging and tie the ends.

Moving Hacks


7. Hack For Heavy Furniture

Moving heavy furniture is a strenuous task and can also cause your back to ache. A simple hack of placing a towel under the sofa or table will allow you to move it effortlessly and it will also save the floor from any scratches.

Moving Hacks


8. Use Zip-Lock Bags For Screws

Screws are the most important tiny pieces in life and they should be kept safely. If you lose them while moving, it will cause you some serious troubles. Here is a moving hack for you to keep them safe. Keep zip-locks bags handy while dismantling shelves and other furniture, and keep all the screws safely in the zip-lock bag. Also, don’t forget to label them so that you don’t mix them up.

Zip Lock Bags


9. Rental Moving Hacks

Moving in and out of a rental apartment is a lot of responsibility. You have to leave the apartment as it was at the time of moving in. Follow these simple moving hacks and fulfill your responsibility without any haste.

  • Fill the holes in the walls with toothpaste for a clean look.
  • Place ice cubes over furniture marks on the carpet and pull them with a brush to remove the furniture marks.
  • Take pictures of the apartment before moving in and out to keep a record of the apartment condition.

Rental Homes


10. Keep Essentials Separately

Trust us! You don’t want to see yourself running to the nearest store to buy soap or toilet paper. So make a list of essential items, like coffee maker, soap, toilet paper, snacks for kids, and other necessary items, that you would need on the moving day and pack them separately. Don’t forget to pack a first aid box in essential items.

Essentials Box

Commercial Moving VS. Residential Moving

Commercial Relocation is quite different from Residential Moving. You might think that residential and commercial moving are similar jobs but you are wrong. Just like, the refrigerator at home and refrigerator at a commercial office have different sets of specifications and requirements, moving them also requires a different set of expertise and for that, you need to hire commercial movers.

Residential Moving Facts

Residential moving is an easier task to perform, as compared to commercial moving. You just need to pack your clothes, furniture, electronic items, hire a suitable mover, move to the new house or apartment, unpack your stuff and settle down. Unpacking can be done at your own will and you don’t need to rush things. Hence, residential moving does not require months of planning and days of execution.

The only issue you might face is damage to your goods but for that, you can use our specialized moving services. Specialized movers will take care of all your expensive belongings and make sure all your stuff is delivered safe and sound. If you are moving to a new state or country, we will also take care of all the paperwork.

Commercial Moving Facts

On the other hand, commercial moving requires lots of planning before relocating. Whether you are an owner of a small startup or you are an owner of a big multinational company with hundreds of employees, there are a number of things that should be kept in mind before moving.

Planning of the Commercial Moving Day

Unlike residential moving, commercial moving needs some serious planning to be done before the moving day. Residential moving is a one day job that can be done on any day of the week. However, in commercial moving you need to choose a day for moving that will not affect the day to day functioning of your business and if the moving takes more than one day, it must not cause big financial damage to the business.

Commercial Moving


Moving of Valuable and Confidential Data

In residential moving, you can surely take care of your valuable and confidential data yourself but if you are moving a large business or school, you need to hire professional movers because the data here can be stored in paper files, computers, and hard disks.

The data protection law of the United States of America requires businesses and organizations to keep their data secure even when you are moving to a new location to avoid theft and discrepancies in data. We, at Northwest Relocation, take care of all your confidential data and deliver safely to your new office.

Office Movers


 Moving of Electronic Devices

There is a huge difference in the number of electronic devices present at home and in a commercial office.

Commercial movers are specially trained to pack such a large number of electronic devices and deliver them safely to the new office.

Best Office Movers

Commercial Mover of Heavy Machinery

Moving heavy machinery is not an everyday task. You will need professional movers who will first perform a site visit, assess your requirements, and plan the move accordingly.

Commercial Moving


5.      Unpacking and Installation Commercial Relocation

While moving a house or apartment, many people hire professional movers. Well! You cannot carry on with the same strategy with a business move.

We, at Northwest Relocation, ensure that your commercial move is as swift.

Commercial Moving


Apart from being a stressful and overwhelming task, moving is also an expensive job to do and can put a significant dent in your budget. People usually spend around $2300 when moving within the state and the price goes up to $4300 if you are moving to another state. Well, relocation is undoubtedly an expensive job, from packing supplies to hiring movers you will have to spend thousands of dollars. But making some wise decisions would certainly help you to save your relocation expense.

Here are a few methods for you to save some precious bucks. Have a look and plan your move smartly.

Choose Off-Peak Season

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We recommend you choose an off-peak date for moving. Especially, don’t go for summers moving because kids are out of schools in summers and most parents try to relocate in summers. So, if you are not a parent or if you can manage, avoid moving in summer break to save relocation expense.

Also, the beginning and end months are peak days of moving. So, it is better to avoid these dates to save some dollars while moving.


DIY Your Move

Relocation Expense

If you are brave enough, DIY is the best option to save up on your relocation expense. Movers and packers charge an extensive amount to pack and move your stuff but doing it yourself will save you a significant amount of money. So, get your backs ready and start the hard work at your earliest because it will take weeks to pack your home yourself.

Here is a complete guideline to plan and execute your DIY move.


Sell Unwanted Items

Hire Movers

Decluttering your home before moving is the most popular thing to do before moving. It will make your move easier and you can also earn some money for your relocation expense. So, start cleaning your closet and garage, and put everything that you don’t use or intend to discard on sale.

There are plenty of sources to sell your stuff – stores that buy used electronic items, online market places or a simple garage sale would do the job for you.


Search Free Boxes

Relocation Expense

Buying boxes for packing might cost a hefty amount and would increase your relocation expense. So, it is a better idea to gather as many free boxes as you can. Start searching for reusable cardboard boxes in your nearby grocery stores, liquor shops, or even recycling drop-off locations.

Other than that, if you are looking for any special type of packaging box, you can always search on online market places like Facebook or People often buy more boxes than their needs and end up selling those extra boxes at these market places.


Save On Packing Supplies

Packing Supplies

Packing supplies are essential for moving fragile objects and you will need plenty of them to ensure safe and sound moving of your mirrors and art pieces. But you can save your hundreds of dollars by wrapping your mirrors in blankets instead of bubble wrap or filling cartons with clothes and bed sheets in place of paddings. Also, asking friends and family, who recently moved their home, for some leftover packing materials would not harm them.


Do Packing Yourself To Save Relocation Expense

Relocation Expense

We understand, planning and executing a DIY move is a lot of hard work and requires some serious skills. But, it would be easier if you do the packing and unpacking yourself and let the movers do the hard work of lifting and moving only. Moving companies offer different services packages. You can choose the package that matches your budget and working capabilities.


Hire Cheap Movers

Cheap Moverss

Hiring a low-cost moving company will definitely minimize your relocation expense but you will have to choose carefully. First, select 2 to 3 moving companies and ask them to provide a complete estimate in written form, after performing an in-house estimate. After that, it will be easier for you to select an affordable movers company. But you will have to be vigilant with cheap movers because they might have some hidden charges which will hurt you in the future. Here is a link to our blog How to Hire Trustworthy and Affordable Movers.


Make Smart Decisions

Moving Experts

By making smart decisions we do not want you to solve difficult calculus problems or make serious life and death decision, but we want you to be vigilant and make smart decisions which are financially beneficial for you.

The above-mentioned ways of reducing your relocation expense are described generally if you blindly follow these methods you will end up paying more. So, if you are not able to perform a DIY move don’t go for it and decide smartly which other ways of saving money would be suitable and feasible for you and your family.


We hope this guide will help you in reducing your relocation expense and you will be able to bring your relocation expense within your budget.

Residential moving has always been a quite challenging process. No matter how smoothly you serve with multiple facilities, there are numerous reasons that could ruin the relocation experience.

Despite this, a number of possibilities can be the reason behind the growth of residential moving problems. Such issues always make the moving process quite stressful. It is best to find solutions that drive your moving process on a smoother track so that you can successfully execute the moving process.

Therefore, here we are sharing the most common residential moving issues and the solutions to eradicate the possibility of their emergence so that you are aware of what could possibly go wrong while executing your next residential move and realize the ways to avoid your moving hassle. Let’s have a look at them!


So much to do, so little time:

Insufficient time is the top stressing issue, especially when you have to move the next day. Which is why your only aim is to pack all the stuff as soon as possible. Hence, all your residential moving plans drain away in this tension which not only wastes your time, but you also become unable to do the packing job on time.

Most often, you don’t have enough time to change your postal address, however, you do it after moving. But the packing and moving process continues even after shifting to a new house. Similarly, you face different issues due to lack of time as the task is long and time is fleeting.


Mismanagement during the pre-move phase often leads to a lack of time for residential moving. In order to cater to this, you must have a definite checklist for proper time management. With the help of a checklist, you can organize all your packing tasks accurately and complete all the necessary tasks as a priority. This will help you finish off your packing on time without any confusion and stress.


Irresponsible Movers:

Residential MovingDo you know why people hire professional movers for their residential move? They choose them for their convenience as residential moving is a quite hectic job. It is not the matter of a single person; you need professionals for your assistance in a quick move. But the problem occurs when you mistakenly hire irresponsible movers. They express their irrelevancy by behaving like;

  • Rude & unprofessional attitude
  • Laziness especially in time management
  • Lack of knowledge and responsibility for the security of your belongings
  • Lack of awareness on how to move things or household safely
  • Careless attitude with prized belongings
  • They go on leave without informing
  • Bad Customer Support


Hiring movers for your relocation means spending money that you earn by working day & night. So, it is always better to do research for the most reliable and professional movers in your area before hiring one. For this, you should;

    • Go through all previous and current client reviews
    • Track mover’s legal status with the Department of Transportation
  • Make sure the hired moving firm has USDOT numbers given by the government.

Remember, not all moving companies have irresponsible movers. And that’s where we help; by connecting you with movers that are highly reliable and worthy of your trust and offering you guaranteed top-of-the-line services and complete satisfaction on every move.


Moving Scams:

Residential MovingBefore making temporary links with any moving firm, research them thoroughly and make sure whether they are rogue or not.

The worst issue you face during residential moving is when you hire a rogue moving firm. They always try to scam you in some way, and sometimes they achieve their goal. But you can secure yourself from such scams by learning precautions against residential moving scams.


There a few useful tricks to defeat moving scams;

  • Scam movers ask for a higher deposit so, don’t pay more than 10% of the actual payment. Send payment via credit card rather than cash.
  • Initially, scammers agree to do your work in a small amount but raise their prices later. You must research the market competitive fees first by getting quotes from different moving companies.


Excessive Packing of Moving Stuff:

Residential Moving

Overpacking is one of the most stressful issues that disturb you and drain all your efforts & money. It leads to additional problems that make your residential moving more stressful. Try to avoid excessive packing because it increases the shipping cost, waste your time, etc.


Start with decluttering things that are no longer useful or important to you. Pack the stuff that is more important to you or which you value the most and donate all remaining things in charity. In this way, you can reduce your packing hassle and can also save yourself from cluttering your new house where you’re planning to move.

For anyone who has ever moved to a new place and we’re sure that’s practically everyone, they can testify to the fact that moving is no joke. Making a long distance move to a completely different state can be full of challenges. Even relocating to somewhere extremely close to your home can prove to be a tedious task because of the innumerable things that need to be taken care of.

Ideally speaking, most people do not want to disrupt their entire lives and move houses. If the need does arise, we look for a new place as close as possible to our current residence. However, this isn’t always possible. Various factors, more often a change in one’s place of work than anything else, force a family to relocate to a new state.

The overall process of moving is daunting for many, owing to physical strain coupled with emotional stress because of sentimental attachments. When moving to another state, the fear and worry naturally multiply as the number of things that need to be handled increases manifold.

However, anything can become manageable with a positive attitude and the determination to make the best of your circumstances. With the help of these tips, you will find that you can pull off your long distance move to a new state smoothly.

Tip 1: Get Organized

As soon as you have decided that you will be making a move to another state, you need to start planning immediately.

Moving Inventory

List the Tasks

Start off by making a list of all the things which need to be done. Try and put this list up on the fridge and tick off the items as they are taken care of. This way, everyone in the house will know what needs to be done and what remains – the tasks can then be delegated accordingly. In addition to that, everyone can contribute to the list, ensuring nothing is forgotten.

Take Inventory

One of the main things that you should do at this point is to take inventory. By listing all the things you own, you can plan your packing accordingly.  At this stage, you can also decide on which possessions you need to dispose of and how. This is important because you don’t want to go through the hassle of taking things a thousand miles away to your new destination and realize that you don’t need them, not to mention the extra cost you will incur in doing so. You can get rid of the things you do not need anymore by giving them away to charity or having a garage sale.

In this initial phase, also make a folder which will contain all the documents and receipts you might need during the process, ensuring everything you may need at any time is in one place.

Inform People About Your Move

You may also want to start your research concerning all the technicalities associated with moving to a new state. At this point, also try and inform all relevant authorities, as well as all those close to you about the move. Relocating to a new state is a big step and it might take some getting used to for your friends and family.

Tip 2: Pack in a Systematic Manner

When it comes to moving, packing up all your stuff might prove to be the biggest problem among the hundreds of issues you will face.

Relocation Movers Services

The best thing to do is to start as early as possible. It always seems like we don’t really own that many things and a week or two will be enough to pack them all up but you’d be surprised to see the number of things that turn up that you don’t even remember you had.

How You Can Keep Things Cheap

Start collecting packing material such as boxes, newspapers, and bubble wrap from grocery shops well in advance. Be sure to check the quality of the boxes that you find as going with used boxes can obviously be risky; however, if you’re careful, they are a pretty good option because, well, they cost you nothing at all. The long-distance move is already going to empty your wallet out good – you need to apply cost-saving tactics wherever you can.

Breakables Require Extra Care

For your fragile items, you need to be particularly careful. After all, the journey from one state to another is certainly not a short one and you need top-notch packing skills if you want your items to reach your new home in one piece. You can line your boxes with Styrofoam and wrap the delicate items in soft and thick fabric such as your blankets and sweaters. You can also purchase bubble wrap or packing paper if you do not have enough clothing. This way, you can ensure there are minimal chances of damage to your things, that too in a budget-friendly manner.


Labelling your boxes is also something which needs to be given appropriate attention to. Leaving your boxes unlabeled will lead to a lot of frustration when you start the process of unpacking so a little effort goes a long way. On top of that, when it comes to moving long distances, the moving company can take a while to transport your belongings. It is quite likely that you will forget what you put in which box, two or three weeks after you pack them. When it comes to labelling, there are a number of ways of going about it. You can label your boxes according to the room you’re packing or the items you’re putting in the boxes, such as clothes, crockery, and so on.

Getting your packing done in an organized way is essential for you to ensure a move with as few problems as possible.

Tip 3: Hire Top-Quality Movers

If you’re making a move to another state, there is absolutely no way you can do so without a professional mover. Many people do attempt it owing to the large expense, but it can end in disaster.

Specialized Moving

Hiring a mover, however, isn’t as easy of a task as you may think and needs to be done after careful consideration. As you’re moving to a new state, the stakes are higher because if something gets misplaced or left behind, it’ll be much more difficult to retrieve it.

Review and Compare

Hiring movers is a common practice owing to which you’ll find numerous options at your disposal. To make the right choice, try and approach at least three to five moving companies and ask them for details and estimates. Evaluate if the price they quote is worth the services they will provide to you and try to find reviews for the companies as well. Additionally, book your mover a few weeks before the date of the move to ensure you don’t have to frantically search for a company in the last few days, leading you to compromise when it comes to fulfilling all your requirements.

Make Sure They Are Insured

Before hiring a moving company, you must make sure they are offering you insurance and know exactly what kind. Choosing a firm which doesn’t offer insurance is a huge risk because if there are any damages or accidents, you will be forced to bear the financial burden, not to mention the loss of your valuable possessions which you are likely attached to emotionally.

Tip 4: Prepare for Your New Life

When you are making an interstate move, you need to make a host of preparations. This is because you’re moving to a totally new place, foreign to you and your family.

Moving Terminology

Get Acquainted

Try and visit your new home a few times before you make the official move. This way, you can get acquainted with your surroundings and figure out where your closest grocery store, hardware shop, hospital, and other important places are. You can also introduce yourself to your neighbours, establishing a rapport with someone who will be able to guide you in the new place.

Repairs and Maintenance

When you visit, it also gives you the chance to check your new house before you make the move. You may need to make some changes such as getting the house painted or tiled or getting things repaired, all of which can be completed before you move into the new house. Identifying any problems such as a leak or a need to get the house fumigated can be tackled at this point so that you don’t have to face issues later on.

Hunt for Schools

Finding a new school for your children is a vital requirement and shouldn’t be left until the last moment. Search for the best schools close to your neighbourhood and get your children enrolled as soon as possible.

Also, don’t forget to inform everyone about the change in your address along with getting a new driver’s license among many other things. By taking care of these things prior to your move, you ensure that when you reach your new house, most of your immediate concerns have already been dealt with.

Tip 5: Handle the Move Smartly

On the day of the move, make sure you get off to an early start, regardless of the distance to your new home.

Movers And Packers Services In USA

Stock Up on Essentials for the Journey

You need to make appropriate preparations for when you and your family make the interstate move. Make sure to keep sufficient food items so you don’t have to stop for food at short intervals. Set a goal for when you should reach your new home by and try to cover the distance accordingly by limiting the stops you make on the way.

You also need to make sure you pack some basic items for when you get there as the moving company won’t be following your car as they would in an intrastate move. Instead, they will give you a time span of a few days or weeks over which they will reach your home with all your belongings. Due to this, you need to ensure you have everything you might need during this time handy so you don’t have to face any issues.

Stay within Your Financial Limits

The time when you are just about to make a long distance move or have just moved in can prove to drain your finances faster than you thought possible. As everything is out of place, people often resort to buying basic things such as tissue paper rolls, even though there are plenty of them at home, just packed away in a box you can’t reach. To prevent this from happening, pack smartly and keep all your necessities close by.

Additionally, make a budget and stick to it strictly so you can remain within your financial limits.

Moving to a new state may sound difficult, and we’re not denying that it is, but when tackled in the right way, it can be accomplished comfortably. All you need to do is follow these five tips to ensure you don’t run into too much trouble.

Most individuals put in some level of planning for their move such as the getting the packing done early or hiring a moving company, but often, we don’t focus on what we will do once we have reached our new home. We’re so focused on getting everything done and just reaching in one piece with all our belongings that we don’t think about how to proceed after the move.

This part of the relocation process is possibly even more important than leaving the previous house as when you reach a new place, you need to try to be on top of everything as soon as possible. You need to start working and your children need to start going to school, so getting everything settled in a timely manner is of utmost importance. Managing your life once you have moved into a new house isn’t as difficult as it sounds and can be tackled easily using a step-by-step approach.

1. Inspect Your Belongings

Specialized Moving

As soon as the moving company has unloaded everything from the trucks, start supervising as they shift your belongings into the house. Use a list of all your items that you should have made while packing and ensure that nothing is left behind. If this happens and you realize, later on, you will have to deal with the added hassle of getting it back.

2. Make Sure Your Utilities Are Working

Motorcycle Movers

This is something that you should ideally have taken care of before the move. Transferring your utilities before the move is vital as coming to a house which doesn’t have any running water, electricity or gas is definitely a nightmare. However, if this is something you weren’t able to manage beforehand, tackle this immediately because if your basic needs aren’t being catered to, how will you move forward?

3. Unpack Without Delay

Moving Storage

Though this isn’t as time-consuming as packing, it still takes up time and energy. The first thing to do is to unpack your necessities such as toothbrushes, clothes, house slippers and so on. Other items such as soap, toilet paper, tissue boxes, and cutlery also need to be unpacked sooner rather than later. If they aren’t, you will end up having to run out to buy them, which isn’t a feasible option by any stretch of the imagination. Once this is done, you don’t need to rush through the rest of your unpacking, but it is still better to get it done within the first week of your move.

4. Explore Your House

Explore Your House

You should try to familiarize yourself with your new home immediately. Check for any damages or leaking pipes which need to be repaired as soon as possible. Locate the fuse box, water supply, and gas supply so you can shut them off in case of any emergencies. Don’t leave these tasks to the moment when you absolutely need to find them in order to avoid catastrophic results.

5. Check for Any Damages to Your Belongings

Best Moving Company

Moving companies provide insurance in the event of any damage to their clients’ belongings. This is another reason to not delay the process of unpacking; you need to thoroughly examine your furniture, appliances, decoration items, and all other belongings for any damage. Keep in mind that you may not be able to make an insurance claim after a certain specified period of time is over.

6. Change Your Address

Change Your Address

Another task which needs to be tackled immediately is changing your postal address. You don’t want to miss any important documents by not giving this task priority. The best part is that you can change your address online, thus making this a process which can be managed quite quickly.

7. Register Your Vehicle

Register Your Vehicle

As you start settling down, another thing that needs to be taken care of is your license and the registration of your vehicle. Driving an unregistered vehicle can get you into trouble for no reason in a new place, so act quickly to avoid that.

8. Start Sending Your Children to School

Sending Your Children to School

If you have children, try to register them in a new school before the move. If you were unable to manage that, do it so as soon as you can after the relocation. Compromising on their education and delaying the resumption of their learning journey will only make things more difficult for them. By starting school immediately, they will settle down quickly; this will also give you more time to get all your affairs sorted out.

9. Acquaint Yourself with the Neighborhood

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Something which will make your move significantly easier is getting to know your neighbours who can help you out in many ways. Also try and locate the supermarket, bank, medical centres, and any other places that you may need to visit in the near future. The sooner you do this, the faster you’ll be able to feel at home.

Among many other tasks, these nine things are absolutely essential for you to take care of as soon as possible if you wish to settle in at your new home quickly and with ease.

Moving house is often a very difficult task, considering the hassle associated with it. While you can hire professional services to take the other burdens off your shoulders, it still turns out to very costly. This is why it is of prime importance that you are familiar with the tips and tricks that can help a great deal in cutting the cost and making the entire process of moving more affordable for you. We have taken the liberty of articulating 11 such tips in this blog post, which will come in handy if you are planning to move house in the near future.

1. Devise a Plan

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The first thing that you need to do is to have a pre-determined plan for moving. You should be familiar with the resources and budget that you have at your disposal and how much you would be willing to spend on each of the elements of moving. Having a thorough plan can help a great deal in cutting the cost and making it more convenient for you to move.

2. Choose the Time Wisely

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More often than not, people have the liberty of choosing the time of the move. It is always recommended to plan ahead and book a professional moving service well within time to save you a bit of money, as well as trouble at the end moment. Hiring on short notice will always cost you more.

3. Search for Options

Search for Options

There is no argument that, like anything else, the finest way to make it cheaper for yourself to move house is to look for all the available options. Carry out an extensive search of the professional services available in your area, their pros and cons, and the relative prices. The one that serves your purpose at the least possible cost is going to be your best bet.

4. Take What You Need

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There is perhaps nothing that will save you more money while moving house than this tip. Make sure that you are only taking the things that you need and will be using in the future. It is a commendable idea to get rid of anything that is expendable or not required in the future, at least for a long period of time.

5. Make Money Simultaneously

Make Money Simultaneously

When it comes to getting rid of the stuff that you won’t need at your new place, there is nothing more beneficial than selling it for whatever money you can get. This will make you a bit of additional money that you can then spend on the relocation.

6. Don’t Spend a Lot on Boxes

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It is a given that you are going to need a lot of cardboard boxes while moving stuff to your new place. The good news is that you don’t have to purchase all of them. It is a commendable idea to ask your friends to lend you a few boxes or get them from the local store or business for minimal or no charges at all.

7. Use Your Own Packing Material

Own Packing Material

All houses have baskets, trash cans, buckets, drawers, bags, suitcases, etc., which can conveniently be used to pack stuff while moving house. By making sure that all such items are being put to use, you can take the cost of requesting the professional movers to provide you with expensive packing material out of the equation.

8. Do as Much as You Can by Yourself

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It should go without saying that the more you ask the professional services to do while moving, the more they are going to charge you. It is understandable that a bunch of stuff is beyond your capacity and you cannot handle it by yourself; however, whatever you can do by yourself, it is recommended you do it. This will make moving significantly cheaper for you.

9. Can Your Company Help?

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If you are requested to relocate by the company that you work for, it is always a fine idea to ask the authorities if they are willing to pay a certain amount to help you with the move. More often than not, you are entitled to reimbursement of some percentage of the money that you spent while moving.

10. Camp Along the Way

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If you are moving to a new house that is on the other side of the country, it would be a fine decision to camp along the way instead of staying in a hotel. You can make a fun trip out of it and have an adventure, but be prepared for an extra day of travel.

Now that you are familiar with the top tips that make it cheaper for you to move house, all you have to do is implement as many of these as you can and save a huge amount of money in the process. While it may not make it convenient or reduce the hassle, it will certainly take the financial burden off your shoulders.

The time to shift offices can be one of excitement for many companies. However, with this excitement comes a lot of stress and difficulty. This is especially the case if one doesn’t have the assistance of a reliable moving company. Many companies often face massive delays in relocating. This is primarily because they are not prepared and, in many cases, not even well-versed in the fundamental things that they should consider before moving.

Relocating to a new office often involves seven fundamental factors that must be taken care of before the final decision is set in stone. Looking into these considerations and discussing them internally can be a great way of becoming well-informed on the topic and ensuring that you’re making the right decision for your company. The following are the seven things to look into when relocating a company office.

1. Set Aside a Budget

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Right from the start, the first thing that’ll pop into the mind of any business owner is how much the entire endeavour will cost. While the costs might not seem too high initially, they eventually can begin to pile up. Due to relocations being postponed or delayed or as a result of any oversights or miscalculations, the budget can skyrocket, leaving you in a mess.

This is why creating a strong budget plan before heading into the relocation phase is ideal. Setting a fixed budget involves input from a reliable team of movers too. Having a business meeting with them where one discusses all of the various routes one can take, along with the total expenditure of the entire process can be a great way of ensuring that one is set from the get-go.

2. Office Infrastructure

Office Infrastructure

Before moving into a new office, making sure that it provides enough space for all the employees is imperative. It must be designed in a manner that adequately complements the functions and processes of the company and should give off a feeling of professionalism to anyone who enters the door.

Depending on the objectives of the company, the look and feel of the office can vary and understand what kind of space is needed for the efficient working of your company is vital in boosting your business operations in the long run.

3. Communicating the Move

Communicating the Move

Whether one wishes to convey information about the relocation to their employees or to their clients, ensuring that certain measures are put in place to get the word out is quite important. A successful relocation will involve a well-devised plan that will take into account various ways of informing people of the shift.

This can be done through brochures, emails, and even social media posts. Usually, one will need to make sure that they are updating their address at all places on the internet as well, especially the company’s website and all social media outlets. This removes any chances of confusion that might occur in the future.

4. Furniture and Other Essentials

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It is obvious that moving into an empty room isn’t the way to make the shift as smooth as possible. When moving into a new office, business owners need to make sure that there are adequate resources available, including chairs and desks for the core office spaces, sofas for the refreshment area, other furniture items, machinery, equipment, and all other necessities.

Some companies bring in professional interior designers to ensure that their office has a look and feel to it that feels original and represents their company well.

5. Dealing with the Stress

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Any relocation process will undoubtedly prove to be a stressful experience not just for the business owner, but for many of the employees too. Unfamiliar with their new business location, many employees can find relocating to a new place to be quite a nerve-wracking experience. In such a case, dissolving the stress by planning a company visit to the decided place beforehand is a great way to keep morale up.

6. Disposing Of the Old Furniture

Disposing Of the Old Furniture

Usually, in an office relocation, much of the old furniture goes to waste. The problem is that disposing of the furniture can be quite costly. This is why getting rid of it in a manner that minimizes costs is ideal. Some offices consider donating it to charity organizations and others. Additionally, wires and other electrical equipment is reused or recycled in a manner that is secure and sustainable.

7. Design a Proper Layout

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When everything else is set in place, the final bit is just to plan how the day of the move will pan out. Usually, hiring a reliable mover will assist you greatly during this part of the relocation process.

Taking the assistance of a reliable moving company can have a number of advantages. Not only will you have help and support throughout the entire process, but the fact that you will know exactly what to do is pretty great as well. However, you must ensure that the company you choose is reliable, trustworthy, and well-renowned for their services.

They say change is necessary to keep us sane and let new opportunities come our way. While some people actively look for a change every now and then to keep their lives interesting, others dread it and stay content with their daily routines and lifestyles. The same is the case with relocation – People who wander from place to place either due to the nature of their jobs or other personal reasons have no issues with the idea of moving, as they are used to the strenuous process of packing up, hiring a local moving business and travelling with their belongings to new places. But people who have little or no experience in moving might find relocation to be one of the worst experiences of their lives, especially if they are not careful about the single most important consideration involved with the process: Hiring professional movers who know what they are doing!

Why Do I Need a Good Mover?

Why Do I Need a Good Mover?

The answer is simple: To avoid losing or damaging your valuable belongings. A lot of people who relocate and acquire moving services usually do not pay attention to the company they hire, because they feel that all movers are the same. This is a huge mistake, as hiring shady and unprofessional movers could make your life a living hell!

So, What Should You Look for in a Local Moving Company?

Here are three important things you need to consider before hiring a mover:

1. Make Sure the Company is Registered

The first and the most important thing to look out for is whether or not the company is registered. There are many people out there who take up moving as a part-time job. They are usually not registered properly and therefore do not take accountability seriously.

2. Read the Reviews

Before hiring a mover, make sure that you read reviews from their past clients on their website or on their Facebook page. A company not showing any reviews online is a major red flag, and you should try to avoid using their services at all costs.

3. Check the Price

Having a budget set for your relocation is important if you don’t want to put a dent in your wallet. Do an online survey and compare the price rates of different companies to avoid overpaying for substandard services.

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